Let us introduce ourselves. We are an independent structural surveyor with many years of experience in identifying structural deficiencies or problems in and to property and architectural installations.

After years of development, using the latest techniques and actively surveying of both homes and commercial buildings, we have developed a uniform rating system, which meets legal guidelines.

This way the inspector in Groningen (far north) will reach the same conclusion as the inspector in Maastricht (far south).

We carry us to the following services:

  • Both internal and external inspections.
  • Develop and improve existing methods and software.
  • Archiving of processed inspections.
  • Product and quality control.
  • Training new and retraining of inspectors.
  • Processing and reporting of complaints.

For more information, please view our brochure by this button. (Currently our brochure is only available in Dutch)

Hopefully we have given you sufficient information, if you want to know more or have a question please let us know , we will be pleased to answer your questions.

Chambers of Commerce registration number – 160169323 ‘s Hertogenbosch | VAT Number: NL 8113.15.903.B.01